temp-post-imageOn Monday, January 16th, 2017 a day nationally celebrated as Martin Luther King day, the Transformers volunteered at Pearl Street Cupboard & Cafe at Park. Pearl Street Cupboard & Cafe is a food bank which is a subdivision of United Way of Tri County (UWOTC), an organization committed to improving the lifestyle of lower income earning families in MetroWest Massachusetts.

Our assignment was to make about 150 breakfast sandwiches. Before beginning the task at hand, the President and CPO of UWOTC, Paul Mina, gave us a quick tour and oriented us in the day to day operations of the food bank.

Pearl Street Cupboard & Cafe’s mission is to provide support to families and individuals experiencing economic and personal challenges by providin...

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A patient recently shared with me this article from the Harvard School of Public Health, which I found very unsettling.

The article ostensibly seeks to resolve the debate about whether or not eggs are heart healthy. Nutritionists and physicians do not seem to agree on this topic, but the article from the HSPH itself references emerging evidence that dietary cholesterol (cholesterol that is found in the foods we eat) does not have a strong association to overall blood serum cholesterol (the amount of cholesterol present in our bloodstream), specifically citing this article from the Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care. This is because the liver, which produces blood serum cholesterol, operates on a negative feedback l...

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